About Me

I find the typical "About Me" sections of normal people to be quite boring for the most part. So in the spirit of keeping things interesting, here are some random facts about me with an EPIC lie thrown in for good measure:

1) I've lived in the Chicago area for most of my life.
2) I spent about 9 years in the Marine Corps.
3) I've been running since 1984 (no, not non-stop - that would be quite tiring)
4) I'm a computer geek and a gamer.
5) I've been working in the online space since 2000.
6) I gave up drinking in August of 2009. I suppose that makes me a quitter.
7) I've got two beautiful daughters and a wonderful grand daughter.
8) I don't have a spleen.
9) I've met more awesome people through Twitter than I ever thought possible.
10) I spent most of a weekend in 1999 hanging out with R. Lee Ermey from the movie Full Metal Jacket.
11) I was partially adopted. Yeah, try and figure that one out.
12) I'm a die-hard Oakland Raiders & Chicago White Sox fan.
13) My glass eye freaks people out & I have to wear an eye patch while skydiving to keep it from falling out.
14) I've never run a marathon nor do I ever plan on it. I love 5K's.
15) I play the bass. Badly.

Additionally, more info can be found here.


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