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7/12/2017 Food Diary

Since posting on Facebook about getting my cholesterol under control, a few people have expressed interest in seeing what I eat.

FIRST - I am not a doctor nor am I a dietician!

SECOND - The eating plan I'm on is from the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type Diet book. I'm not going to debate anyone on whether or not it's nonsense. It's working for ME and that's all I care about.

Without further ado, Here's what I ate for breakfast this morning:

Breakfast -

1) One Banana
2) One serving of Chia Seeds
3) Two tablespoons of Golden Omega Ground Flaxseed
4) One cup of Soy Milk
5) Two scoops of Naked Nutrition Pea Protein powder

That all goes into the blender. The following I just eat as is:

1) One Guava fruit
2) One Plum
3) Two prunes
4) Six Cherries

Total calories: 562

Lunch -

1) Two Organic Rice Cakes. Ingredients: Rice. Nice and short!
2) One half of a serving of butter
3) Ground Cinnamon
4) One serving of Pure Raw Honey
5) 8 pieces of raw Broccoli
6) One serving of Walnut…