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Empire Avenue?

Empire Avenue. It's the latest, hippest, buzzword flying around Social Media these days. But what is it? And how does it work? Well, the "What is it?" is relatively easy to answer - it's a Social Media dashboard wrapped up in a delicious gaming shell. It's treats your Social Media interactions as business transactions. The more you interact, the more attractive you look to other players who "invest" in you. If you interact heavily on, say Twitter for example, your Twitter score will be high. Ignore Facebook and your Facebook score drops. The trick being to have high scores with all of the different, linkable, Social Media platforms because the higher all of those scores are, the better an investment you will be.

For me that just might be the most valuable part of Empire Avenue. It makes me think about interacting on multiple platforms, especially those I don't think about much like LinkedIn. Empire Avenue makes it fun to keep your finger on the puls…