VW - 9/13/10

VW - 9/13/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.
Day 254 of Project 365. I had to take my beloved Rabbit in for an oil change on Monday and when I go there I like going in the morning. The main reasons for that are A) Everyone is normally still in a good mood and B) I can walk around the showroom without a Salesperson hounding me about a new car. The sales people don't normally start until 9 a.m. ;)

I walked around the showroom for about 30 minutes and took this picture. Guess what type of Volkswagen this shot if from and win a prize!*

*Prizes determined by how hot the winner is. Smoking hot would equal dinner for two with yours truly while "Meh" would equal a high five. Males are disqualified from guessing. *cough*


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