Petey & Jake - 9/25/10

Petey & Jake - 9/25/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 265 of Project 365. The one picture I took on Saturday did not come out. It looked fine on the phone, but upon uploading it I discovered it was blurry. Very blurry. Like "OMG, how much did I drink" blurry.


I give you something from the archives...Bunnies!

Back in the day when I was married, the wife wanted pets. I found an interesting article in the paper about people using rabbits as house pets. You could even litter box train them.
We were not home enough for dogs and everyone knows cats are evil. Rabbits were the next, best, choice.


  1. My friend has bunnies and absolutely loves them as companion animals. Are your buns still with you?

  2. They were pretty cool to have as pets. Unfortunately both have passed on to that great garden in the sky! Its' been years.

  3. umm, cats evil? Sooo disappointed in you!

  4. @Patti - Except for YOUR cats. Your cats rock ;)


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