The Eye of Sauron? - 9/03/10

The Eye of Sauron? - 9/03/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 244 of Project 365. After work I needed to stop at Walgreens and, swear to God, the skies were not looking like this when I went in there. Upon coming out of Walgreens, a few thoughts came to mind:

1) Um, just how long was I in Walgreens?
2) Hey, the burning orb in the sky reminds me of "The Eye of Sauron" from the Lord of the Rings.
3) I wonder if these jeans make me look fat?

I swear I was in there for maybe 15 minutes, max. Go rent The Lord of the Rings and let me know if you too are reminded of "The Eye of Sauron". Click the photo to go to my Flickr page - the full photo is better.

Totally off topic - Tom Bombadil was always my absolute favorite character from The Lord of the Rings. True story.


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