Who in the Hell is John Eddie? - 7/29/10

Day 209 of Project 365. I love live music and people that know me, know this. Back in 2003 or 2004 I went to Joe's on Weed Street for a South Side Johnny concert. I had never seen him live before and I was really excited to go. One thing I forgot about though is the inevitable "opening act". I was really dreading having to stand through one or two sets of some guy I'd never heard before.

So I stood there as the opening act took the stage and a very strange thing happened. I liked their music. There was no thought involved...from the first couple of notes on, I really loved everything I heard! I was actually sad when they finished their two encore set. I knew there was no way I was leaving without buying a CD and I'm really glad I did. I've listened to it a lot and it's been one of my favorites over the years.

That was my first exposure to John Eddie. John is originally from the New Jersey bar circuit which made sense since he was touring with South Side Johnny. John Eddie is one of those musicians that I have a hard time understanding why he never made it big. I'm still hoping and who knows? Maybe someday his name will be widely known.

A month ago I received an email from Ticket Master announcing the 7/29/10 concert and it took about 3.4 seconds for me to order my ticket. Pardon the quality of picture...the band (like most) moves around a lot!

The CD John was supporting back in those days was titled "Who in the Hell is John Eddie". You can download it off of iTunes. I can't recommend it enough!


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