Unmarketing 101 - 8/31/10

Unmarketing 101 - 8/31/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 242 of Project 365. Good days are always made better when you get a welcomed package delivered. Such was the case today, when I opened up the package containing my very own copy of Scott Stratten's book "UnMarketing".

I had pre-ordered it a few months ago and I didn't realize it had shipped. Sometimes those are the best surprises. Next up, I need to meet Scott and see if he'll autograph it for me.

I can't wait to read it and soon!


  1. Tom: Please let me know what you think! This is on my Amazon wishlist and next up on my list of things to buy!

    I'll be seeing Scott in November. Will you have a chance to meet him in Chicago on his book tour?

  2. Amber, will do!

    I do hope to see Scott when he comes to Chicago. I'm not sure when he's coming here though.


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