Pizza Night - 7/31/10

Pizza Night - 7/31/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 211 of Project 365. I think it's important for families to have good traditions. It fosters a closeness between parents and children that really builds solid bonds. As an added bonus it also plants the seeds of memories that are looked back upon with fondness by all involved.

Megan and I have a few such traditions. One of our longest standing traditions is a Saturday night pizza. Normally, we'll go to Beggar's Pizza in Oak Forest...but we have been known to try new places as well. This time, though, was a Beggar's Pizza night.

The pizza was delicious and we had a great time - like we always do :)


  1. Coulda told us you were going. Beggars is Kierans favorite!

  2. Hey Jeff!

    Ha, we try to go every weekend I have her. Their pizza is fabulous!


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