Crown Fountain - 8/02/10

Day 213 of Project 365. Michigan Avenue in Chicago has some very cool stuff to see. There's the various hotels, the Wrigley Building, Water Tower Place, The Art Institute, Millennium Park and of course the Crown Fountain. The Crown Fountain is especially cool and is a true site to behold at night.

From the Millennium Park Wikipedia article:

"Crown Fountain is a first of its kind interactive work of public art and video sculpture, named in honor of Chicago's Crown family and designed by Catalan conceptual artist Jaume Plensa, it opened in July 2004. The fountain is composed of a black granite reflecting pool placed between a pair of transparent glass brick towers. The towers are 50 feet (15.2 m) tall, and they use light-emitting diodes behind the bricks to display digital videos on their inward faces. Construction and design of the Crown Fountain cost $17 million. Weather permitting, the water operates from May to October, intermittently cascading down the two towers and spouting through a nozzle on each tower's front face. When the screens are illuminated they show the faces of nearly a thousand individual Chicagoans, which features the vast diversity of the city. Playing on the theme of historical fountains based around gargoyles with water coming through the open mouth of the creature, each video includes moments where the person purses his or her lips and water spouts from a point in the display, such that it appears that the person is spitting the water out. This happens roughly every five minutes, and there is also a continuous stream of water that cascades over the images."

This is a must see for people that are new to Chicago.


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