Who wants to go ice skating? - 7/22/10

Day 202 of Project 365. Chicago is a versatile city. It has been this way for years and the good people from Chicago know this. However, for the benefit of my non-Chicago readers, I present to you Exhibit A - the ice skating rink at Millennium Park. During the winter, the ice skating rink is filled with people wearing jackets with logo's like "The North Face" while their gloved or mittened hands are gripping hot beverages. Runny noses and snowflakes pretty much define Chicago in the winter time.

In the summer though, the ice skating rink is transformed into an outdoor beer garden! Delicious food and cold beer rule the day and much of the evening. There is even an area for people to play a game or three of Cornhole, otherwise known as "Bean Bags" or better yet...simply "Bags".

This picture was taken at lunch time. It almost makes me want to start drinking again. Almost.


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