Obligitory Transformers 3 picture - 7/19/10

Day 199 of Project 365. The City of Chicago has been abuzz with all of the news & photos from the various locations where Transformers 3 is being filmed. So, having said that - here is my contribution to the buzz.

What's that you say? You don't see anything even remotely related to a movie set? Fair enough. I mean, I think I've made my laziness well known to the 5 or 6 people that view my photos everyday. Due to this documented laziness, I give you a photo of the backed up traffic from the detour that resulted from Transformers 3 being filmed further north on Michigan Avenue.

If you squint real hard, in the distance you can make out a military style truck that may or may not have been used or involved in the filming.


  1. Your last paragraph is one example of the reason I like you! #SarcasticJournalistAtWork

  2. Me? Sarcastic? I don't know what would ever give you that idea :)

    Ha!! I have found that you have to stick to your strengths. At least that's what I keep telling everyone.


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