Foiled Cupcakes - 7/28/10

Foiled Cupcakes - 7/28/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 208 of Project 365. I was lucky enough to attend the 1 year anniversary party for Foiled Cupcakes. The party was at the Phoenix Lounge located in The Wit Hotel. First of all, the place was absolutely packed with Foiled Cupcakes supporters and cupcake lovers. It was fabulous to see such a wonderful turnout! I wouldn't be surprised if there were 300 people in attendance. I've been Twitter-friends with Mari ( the owner, on the right - @foiledcupcakes on Twitter ) and I finally got to meet Mari in person. She's just as sweet as her cupcakes! Mari is such a wonderful, dynamic woman.

One of the extra special things about Mari is that she really knows how to use Twitter to help grow her business. I bet one could really learn a lot from Mari - especially business owners.

The party featured a tin foil costume creation contest. As you can see, the contest was not to be taken lightly! I saw nothing but happy, smiling faces the entire time I was there. If you are in the Chicagoland area and have not tried Foiled Cupcakes, what are you waiting for? They deliver! I've had one of their cupcakes and they really are delicious :)

Visit their website for all of the tasty details!
You can follow Mari on Twitter here.


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