Erie and Dearborn - 7/08/10

Erie and Dearborn - 7/08/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 188 of Project 365. I've noticed something odd about the pictures I've been posting. I've been invited to some very cool events and yet the pictures I post are never really from the events I've attended. Examples would include Theresa Carter's 40th Birthday Party, Jen Knoedl's Cinco de Mayo Party and now The Superior House first year Anniversary Party.

All three events were prime picture taking opportunities, squandered by some mental block that keeps me from pulling out my phone. Maybe I need a stalker to follow me around to remind me to pull out my phone? Someone to say "Hey, idiot, take a damn picture!". Ok, well maybe not something that extreme, but you get the point.

Anyway, last night I left work and walked up Dearborn street until I got to the intersection of Erie and Dearborn. I won't attribute this to luck since there are 17,596 Starbucks in Chicago, but on the corner of Erie and Dearborn was a Starbucks. A Starbucks with outdoor seating, on a night like last night and you can understand that it didn't take much coaxing for me to stop in for an iced coffee. In addition to that was the fact that I was an hour early for the party...

As I sat there in the small patio area with my iced coffee, I observed everything around me. I watched the cabs drive by, the panhandlers asking for "spare change", the fitness buffs running, and the families walking to points unknown.

I can't really say why, but I like this picture. To me it represents a moment in time and countless untold stories on a Thursday night, in some neighborhood in the City of Chicago.


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