Storm Clouds - 6/22/10

Storm Clouds - 6/22/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 172 of Project 365. June has been a rough weather month for the Chicago area. In fact, I can't remember a June that's ever been this stormy. Granted, I can't remember what I had for this might not be saying much.

After this picture was taken, we were hit with very strong storms.


  1. I love this shot. The sky is beautiful and I'm a sucker for great cloud formations.

    Unfortunately, some of Los Angeles' most beautiful skies come from smog. I don't know why, but pollution seems to make for a gorgeous sunset.

  2. Thanks Amber! The clouds actually had more detail than the pictures show. Unfortunately the clouds were moving rather quickly. It was tough to focus.

    I appreciate the comment :)


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