Office View - 6/16/10

Office View - 6/16/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 166 of Project 365. I'm really digging the auto focus on the EVO 4G. Here's a shot from my 12th floor office at Madison & Dearborn. In this shot, I focused on the clouds. The shots where I focused on the buildings resulted in a washed out sky.

Unfortunately my desk faces away from the who knows? I might be missing out on tons of cool shots.


  1. I really like this shot, Tom. I love the bright sky and clouds that look so sharp, contrasted with the darker buildings to each side. Great framing.

    Glad you're having fun with the new camera!

  2. Thanks Amber! Sorry, I never received a notification that you commented. I appreciate the compliment and the comment :)

  3. My pleasure! I commented on your tree photo, too. You have a good eye ;->


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