Midnight Lightning - 5/31/10

Midnight Lightning - 5/31/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 150 of Project 365. I actually went to bed without taking my picture for the day. I figured...well...I'll just double up tomorrow. In fact, the sweet siren song of sleep had just about pulled me under, when the deep, rumbling boom of thunder instantly brought me back to reality.

A storm and a very strong one at that had moved into the area. I laid in bed and watched the lightning fill the midnight sky. And for once, I actually remembered to attempt to take pictures!

See? I'm learning. Granted, it's still taking me a while...

So, this was taken at just before or just after midnight. As you can see, lightning has a way of turning the deep of night into day. Even if just for the briefest of moments. The bolt of lightning in the background is not responsible for this picture - it was at the end of another bolt of lightning further off in the distance. Click the picture to go my Flickr page where I have a few more from this storm.

As an added bonus, I included 60 seconds of video with my super not-so-engaging-or-interesting commentary.


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