Father's Day - 6/20/10

Father's Day - 6/20/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.
Day 170 of Project 365. Last Sunday was Father's Day. I lost my father in November of 1990. That will be 20 years in November of this year. There are days when I can't believe it's been almost 20 years already and then there are days where I feel like it's been much longer than 20 years. It pains me to feel that all of those memories are slowly slipping away. Earl was technically my stepfather, but he adopted me and my sister and treated us as his own when he married my mother. Me and my sister both loved him dearly. I'll certainly never forget the evening he passed away. The picture above is from my Mom & Dad's wedding.

I've been going through old photo's this past week and it was definitely harder than I anticipated. Maybe it's just me, but life is certainly different when both of your parents have passed away.

The photo below was taken a year or two before my dad passed away. The family never was the same after that.

My dad used to get the biggest kick out of my daughter Amanda. I always loved this picture...


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