Freshly polished Rabbit - 5/23/10

Day 142 of Project 365. Late May in Chicago and it looks like great weather is finally here! This was a very low-key weekend, yet I still managed to get my beloved Rabbit a much needed wash and wax. I really prefer to wax the Rabbit myself but honestly, it's just too hard to do without a garage. On most car waxes you'll see the warning to "Only wax in a cool, shaded area" and apartment living does not make that easy. In fact, I've found that apartment living makes it damn near impossible.

So on Sunday, I did the next best thing - I went up to the local Delta-Sonic car wash and for a small fee of $29.00 they waxed the car by hand. They actually did a really good job as well. Not too shabby seeing as how it only took them 20 minutes to do the entire car. There really is power in numbers.

Now I REALLY want to go on a road trip!


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