Bright Lights, Big City - 5/11/10

Day 130 of Project 365. Well, he did it again. Sami Ari hosted yet another awesome Tweetup, this time at the Vertigo Sky Lounge. There was a great turnout and I got to meet some more awesome people. I met some Twitter friends in real life for the first time and I got to hang out with some existing Twitter friends too. I even made new friends, how cool is that?

After the event, I went on a nice leisurely walk back to the Grant Park parking garage. As I was crossing the Chicago River, I stopped on the State Street bridge to grab this picture.

What a great evening!


  1. It sounds like a stellar night! And what a fab photo to close the evening. If I'm ever in Chicago, will you be my tour guide? ;->

  2. It was a great night, indeed! If you ever come to Chicago, I'd be honored to be your tour guide :)

  3. Thank you! I might take you up on that one day! Your photos are compelling me to book a flight...

  4. You're welcome, Amber! Just make sure you plan a summer trip! Chicago in the winter is brutal ;)


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