Monday, April 26, 2010

VW, HUH? - 4/23/10

VW, HUH? - 4/23/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.
Day 112 of Project 365. I've always loved Volkswagens. My first car was a 1981 VW Jetta. My mom owned her fair share of VW's back in her day. While I was never a fan of the old style Beetles, the new ones are nice and I can see why people love them.

Walking through the Grant Park parking garage, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this, this...pig beetle. It's certainly not my style, but you have to is unique.


  1. We're you around for the days of the CoolSavings pigmobile? That thing was the greatest!

  2. Hey Jordan! Nope, that was before I started there. I've seen the pictures though.

  3. I have mad fantasies that all revolve around snagging a vintage Beetle convertible and a Microbus. The yellow car would be soooo jealous. ;)

  4. Karyn, follow your dreams!! What could go wrong? Ha, wait...don't answer that :)