Tom doesn't drink? Absolutely! - 4/17/10

Day 106 of Project 365. Friday's photo made me think about things. Namely, why keep a bottle of Jack Daniel's in the house if I'm done drinking? I don't know, really. I was thinking about this when I went into the freezer on Saturday night. I was grabbing some ice and I felt like I was in a bad sitcom. Right there in the freezer was an unopened bottle of Absolute Vodka. *Cue the laugh track*

Hypocrite much, Tom?

The bottle has never been opened and it went right into the freezer when I bought it a couple of years ago. The bottles purpose is for company should I ever entertain anyone that wants a drink. I'll leave you to judge my popularity seeing as how the bottle has never been touched...


But anyway, that bottle has served me well a few times since it took up residence in my freezer. Wrapped in a towel, I've found it to be wonderful relief from stiff necks and migraine-type headaches. See, just lay on it so that the bottle is at the base of the neck. Instant relief!


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