Bad Motor Scooter - 4/22/10

Bad Motor Scooter - 4/22/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.
Day 111 of Project 365. Today is Earth Day. I celebrated by going to Steve Green's ( @steveGOgreen ) Earth Day event at the Flair Tower ( @FlairTower222 ). The place was packed. Steve really knows how to host an event and the Flair Tower is fantastic.

I had the good fortune of meeting some very wonderful people. Some that are not on twitter, like Amanda and Han and some that are, like @Anna_n_Chicago, @mafiahairdresser & @chicagodmblover. Also got to see @AngelaWoody & @WestLoopChiro which is always fabulous.

And, and, and, I had the chance to talk with one of Chicago's First Ladies of Fun, my friend @JenChicago. How cool is that? I know you're jealous and you should be. She is THAT awesome. Her red motor scooter is pretty sweet too.

So. How did you spend your Earth Day? Tell me all about it below.


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