All Aboard!! - 4/20/10

All Aboard!! - 4/20/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 109 of Project 365. When I take the train home, I'm almost always on the 6:15 and I'm always in the last car. I stand in the vestibule because I'm just too cool for school. Actually, my friends all stand in there with me. This was a rare day were the train pulled in early and only Mary (not pictured) was with me. Soon after this was taken, Russ and Dan also joined the party.

We tell inappropriate jokes and generally misbehave.

Good times :)


  1. How nice! Sounds like a great transit party!

    Those of us on the West Coast are so jealous of those of you in other cities who have a huge population of ordinary people who take public transportation. LA tries, but it's just not there. #TheLastCarHasAllTheCoolKids

  2. It is very nice! I've known some of my fellow commuters for 5 or 6 years now. Talk about a nice feeling of familiarity.

    Awesome to know that the Midwest has the West Coast beat on one front: public transportation.
    #BYOJ (J = jokes) #WeAreNotCoolWeJustFakeItRealWell

    Thanks for the comment, Amber :)

  3. They, whoever "they" are, frequently say lack of public transportation is what makes those of us in LA feel so isolated sometimes. No sense of community since people don't ride together or walk. We're all holed up in our cars by ourselves, driving without passengers.


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