It's a Fender - 3/29/10

It's a Fender - 3/29/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 87 of Project 365. It's a Fender. Why is that important? Oh...maybe because of all of the music that's been recorded using Fender basses. If you are a fan of Motown, you are a fan of Fender. This particular model is the American made Fender Precision Bass Deluxe. Leo Fender's first electric bass was a Precision bass. See, up until the electric bass, basses were made without frets. Mr. Fender added frets when he designed his first electric bass. In order to play this new electric bass correctly you had to be precise with your finger placement - thus the name Precision bass. What makes this model a deluxe model is the active electronics and the humbucker pickup below the standard Precision pickups

I've had this bass for close to 7 years. It was used on my *cough* smash hit *cough* "Wyl's Shuffle".


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