All cleaned up! 3/11/10

All cleaned up! 3/11/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 69 of Project 365. I had actual plans tonight and I figured it would be nice to actually dress like an adult for a change. Of course if I was really going to act like an adult, I would have remembered to take a picture at the event. You know, instead of when I got home...right before I changed into sweatpants.

I would have figured that 69 days into this project, I would have made taking pictures a bigger priority instead of a last minute, panic filled exercise in lameness - just about every. single. night.

Yup, I would have figured and I would have been wrong.


  1. Thanks Jen! You caught me on a rare evening, the sport coat is hardly ever brought out. :)

  2. You look good!

    As far as the last minute picture taking--at least you are still doing it. Some people only made it as far as day 5...;)

  3. Thanks Karyn!

    Yeah, it's totally not as easy as I thought it would be...and I wasn't thinking it would not be easy ;)

    Imagine that? Day 5? Well, maybe some people actually have lives? :)

  4. I too, was hoping for a, um, "better" 69 picture. Goodnight folks!


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