Payday Penguin - 1/15/10

Payday Penguin - 1/15/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 15 of Project 365. A few years ago around the holidays, my co-worker William found this holiday blow-up penguin at the local Walgreens. He bought it for the office, of course, because really? What office doesn't NEED a 4 foot tall inflatable penguin that's decked out in fancy winter attire?

Well the holidays came and the holidays went. Being part of Corporate America, it just seemed like the thing to do would be to give the penguin his waddling papers. You know, thank him for a job well done and send him packing...but this story...this story has a happy ending:

It was a Friday in January and that Friday was no ordinary Friday. That Friday was payday. William was taking down his holiday decorations and like a lover saying goodbye to his soul mate at the airport, William was stalling. I could tell he was attached to his inflatable friend. With the compassion of someone that is truly disinterested I said "Hey, William...why don't, um, why don't you just leave him up for the rest of the day. It IS payday after all." The glint in Williams eye spoke volumes. William could barely get the words out, he was so excited. "He...he could be inflated every payday!!" And that one sentence changed history.

Now on every payday, the Payday Penguin is on the job, alerting employees both old and new that another payday has arrived.

Payday Penguin, I, no...WE raise our glasses in a toast. Here's to you, Payday Penguin. May you always be full of hot air on each and every payday!


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