Henry J. Waternoose, III - 1/26/10

Day 26 of Project 365. Meet Henry J. Waternoose, III. My daughter Megan got this in a McDonald's Happy Meal back in 2001-2002 and she hated it. She hated it so much, she never played with it. When me & the ex-wife separated, Henry (Crabby as Meg called him) was sent to my place to live with me. Picture that - the misfit husband living with the misfit toys. If I only had a Charlie in the Box!

Well, being the award winning father that I am, I would hide Crabby in Megan's room. Of course she would find him and get upset. Eventually her getting upset morphed into a game and we would take turns hiding Crabby. More than a few evenings, I would jump into bed only to discover Crabby stuffed under my pillow. Many a time I would get a phone call from the ex-wife hours after she picked up Megan "thanking" me for hiding Crabby in Megan's suitcase.

This photo shows Crabby perched on Megan's pillow, patiently awaiting her arrival on Saturday.

It was all in good fun and looking back now, it's amazing how a cheap Happy Meal toy brought me and Megan closer together.


  1. I see Charlie-in-the-Box every day. It's the favorite toy of one of my students and I spend a good portion of my day keeping an eye out for a misplaced Charlie and reciting various lines from the Misfit Toys.

    It's amazing how the littlest things can make the biggest impact with kids. :)

  2. I Agree! You might not know this, but I do an amazing Charlie in the Box impression :)

  3. Crabby kinda creeps me out, too!

    Nice memories regarding the quality stop-action animation from Bass & Rankin (go Charlie in the Box!) and I'm sure that's a tradition Megan will remember fondly as she grows older.

    Fun post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the comment Amber. Sorry for not responding sooner, but my notifications have been marked as spam. All fixed now, though.

    Those stop-animation cartoons are such a big part of my childhood memories :)


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