El Chorizo - 1/22/10

El Chorizo - 1/22/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.

Day 22 of Project 365. El Chorizo. It's a long story, but like most of my stories...it will surely waste your time. What's that you say? Tell it anyway?


One day on the train, I brought up the story about the Milwaukee Brewers latest racing sausage - El Chorizo. You see, the Brewers didn't realize they needed to get Major League Baseball's approval to add a new meat product to their stable of fine racing sausages. MLB told the Brewers that they needed to shelve El Chorizo for the rest of the year until he could be approved. The Brewers made light of the situation by explaining away El Chorizo's departure as a baseball move - they sent him down to the minor leagues for "more seasoning".

My buddy Russ said "Tom, I thought YOU were El Chorizo." From there...well...the rest is simply a part of legend. We joked about it for the rest of the ride downtown. That next summer my mom and her boyfriend were going to see the Milwaukee Brewers and I casually mentioned the entire "El Chorizo" story from the train. As it turns out, that weekend the Brewers were handing out free El Chorizo bobbleheads but as luck would have it, they held the promotion the day before my mom went to the game. My mom expressed her disappointment with the ticket collector and wouldn't you know it? The ticket collector steered her in the direction of the gift shop that held magic. Magic in the form of limited edition El Chorizo bobbleheads. Mom walked out of that gift shop with El Chorizo bobblehead #40 out of 5000.

When my mom returned from the land of cheese, pornography and the Brewers, she excitedly called me to tell me the good new. I would soon be the owner of my very own El Chorizo bobblehead. And life was good.

I eventually stumbled upon Twitter in 2008 and I figured "Hmmm. El Chorizo would make a splendid screen name". In fact, my first Twitter profile pic was of the El Chorizo bobblehead, but those days are in the past. I'm mature now...well, as mature as one can be with a screen name that's taken from a spicy meat product.

Rumor of a stuffed "El Chorizo" has been spoken of in hushed tones, but that's a story for another time...


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