Cold winter morning - 1/4/10

Cold winter morning - 1/4/10, originally uploaded by TomRubin.
Day 4 of Project 365. It's 7:27 am and I'm on my way to work on a chilly January morning. How chilly? Try 9 degrees. Brrrrr!

In work out related news, I've been rocking a sinus headache since last night. It's a pretty nasty headache - it kept me up for a very large portion of the evening and needless to say I did not sleep much.

In lieu of a run tonight, I decided to stick around mi casa and work out instead. Pull ups, push ups, crunches...the usual home workout. I'm just going to take it day to day at this point. No sense in trying to get back to running quicker than I should. Hopefully tomorrow, but more than likely, Wednesday. One good thing, my leg feels great. No pain at all when I walk to & from work to the train station.

One last thing. About today's picture: The first person to leave a comment with the correct make, model and year of my car will win a $10.00 Starbucks Gift Card. No lie. Contest expires at midnight on 1/10/10 or when someone posts the correct answer.

That's it for now.

Keep running!


  1. 2009 Volkswagon Rabbit. Now pay up :) Sylvia

  2. I'm sorry, Sylvia. That is an incorrect answer.

  3. Winner Winner, chicken dinner!

    Sylvia has the correct answer!

  4. Way to attract a stalker, Tom! You want them to come up with your social security number, too? :->


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