Beef. It's what's for, er, lunch? - 1/20/10

Day 20 of Project 365. The team was taken to lunch today by the dual boss-ladies. Very nice. Especially since they took us to a super swanky place called "Tavern at the Park". Maybe it's an inside joke of the owners, because I've never seen a tavern like this before. The word "tavern", for me at least, conjures up all sorts of images of places on 63rd Street in Chicago. Dark places. Places with pickled eggs in 1 gallon glass jars at the end of the bar and Old Style on tap. Places with guys named "One-eyed Ernie", "Knuckles" and a bar keep named Jean.

This "tavern" was brightly lit and filled with people in business suits. People doing business the Chicago way - over food. Sadly, not a "Knuckles" in sight.

So, I ordered the Prime Rib sandwich and it was fabulous as you might be able to tell from the picture. Sure, it was a bit too fatty, but Prime Rib is supposed to be fatty. To make up for it, I did strength training tonight followed up with a bowl of Cheerios.

If you're going to play, you've got to pay, right?


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