Wednesday 11-18-09 run

I decided against running this past Monday for two reasons. One, my knee was still a little tight. Two, it was a vacation day. I figured "what the hell", I should treat it like a day off. Sometimes the best things we can for our bodies is to do nothing. Tuesday, I was right back into the groove - I hung out with Chuck Norris and we did chest, triceps, biceps, lats and of course, abs. Wednesday, I woke up feeling better and I got my run in at noon. Even though the temperature has been pretty consistent, it felt colder. Maybe it's psychological, or perhaps it's the wind blowing off of the cold Lake Michigan water? Regardless, you can feel winter is quickly approaching.

I wasn't sure what to expect on Wednesday after having a full week off from running. I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt. All the ab work is definitely paying dividends and I just felt lighter. There was a slight drizzle and that always feels good. Plus I must admit it just looks so cool to see steam coming off your own body. For this run I didn't push too hard. There is a time and a place for that and I know it's not time yet.

Nail the fundamentals, master your breathing, and get your form perfect.

After taking so much time off and only being back at it for 4 or 5 months, you have to fight the urge to push too hard, too soon. That's especially true when you are north of 40. At this age the body simply needs more time to recover. For now my running goals are best served by laying a good, solid foundation and building upon that. I'm convinced that any future success will come by way of this type of training.

Tomorrow is Friday and it will be my last run of the week. Better make it a good one.

That's it for now. Keep running!


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