Wednesday 11-04-09 run

Ah, Chicago and its' crazy bi-polar weather. I believe it was in the mid 50's on Monday and today it was in the upper 40's. I figured today was as good a day as any other to break out the Breath Thermo gear. That turned out to be a good call. Now I hear that Friday will be warmer again, but I'll worry about that on Friday. I was rocking the Breath Thermo base layer, an outer layer and running gloves. As I figured, the first mile was a bit chilly, but as I started sweating, the Breath Thermo did it's job. My downfall in the winter has always been my reluctance to wear a hat while running. I'll worry about crossing that ice encrusted road when I get to it. Now I'm thinking..and this is just a guess at this point...I'm thinking that I'll be able to comfortably run with just a base layer and outer layer until the temperature drops into the mid 20's. Of course I might be completely wrong. One thing for certain? I'll be finding out for sure in a few weeks.

I stuck to the normal route today and I actually prefer doing that. The main reason being that I like to learn a course so that I can run it to my full potential. Knowing where the fast sections are, knowing where you might run into bad pavement or crowds, knowing where you should be time-wise on your watch in relation to where you are at on the course...all of these factors help you run a course faster the more you run it. People that run in an urban environment can add this one to the list as well - knowing where all the stop lights are. For some people, nothing ruins a good run quicker than getting stopped at a red light. If your timing is off, you can end up catching a few red lights in a row. I'm at the point now where I really try to not let a red light mess up a good run. This is were I play another mind game - "Beat the Clock".

"Beat the Clock" is a very simple game - you get stopped by a red light and when the light turns green, you sprint to the next light. The goal is to make it through as many green lights as you can before the light turns red again. The way I have my route configured, if this happens, it happens on the last mile of my run. Think of it as a more engaging way to do speed work. Why am I mentioning this today? Let's just say that I got in a good amount of speed work this afternoon.

So, last night me and Chuck Norris hung out for a I got in my run and tonight I finished up with 250 crunches and 4 sets of push-ups. Since I've got another date with Mr. Norris tomorrow night, I should go get some beauty sleep!

That's it for now. Keep running!


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