Monday 11-09-09 & Wednesday 11-11-09 runs

Having Friday off and not running due to a tweaked knee made me forget all about posting. Anyway, last Monday's run was uneventful. I felt good and I clocked a new personal best of 27:30 on my current 4.1 mile course. The weather was mighty fine from what I can remember.

Wednesday's run was going along just fine until I was cut off on Michigan Avenue. I had to make a pretty drastic cut to avoid knocking over someone and in the process of doing my Walter Payton impression, I must have landed awkwardly on my right knee. I know that's one of the dangers of running at noon on a crowded side walk, but that doesn't help ease the disappointment from having to skip Friday's run.

I did work out with Chuck Norris on Friday and I've been taking it easy all weekend. I've got Monday off too and the way my knee feels now, I should be good to go for Monday's run. I don't get too upset with having to miss an occasional run, after all the body needs time to rest. I'll sneak in another work out with Chuck tonight.

That's it for now. Keep running!


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