Monday 11-02-09 run

I went to work today even though I was not feeling the greatest. I didn't eat a whole lot over the weekend, which I'm certain kept me from feeling 100%. Getting to work and weighing myself was a bit disappointing - I wasn't expecting to be down to 146 lbs. A bowl of cheerios, a granola bar and a banana had me feeling stronger by 11:00, so I decided I'd go for my noon run. It was nice to see my co-worker, Sylvia, ready for another run too. She did a nice job keeping up until we parted ways. That's one of the nice things about running - the more you do it, the easier it gets. The weather once again was a bit warmer than I anticipated. I ended up being entirely too warm. Now that I have the cold weather gear, I want to use it! Looks like I might be waiting another week before I can do that though.

It's funny how I've been in Chicago for so long, yet I still forget how the wind is downtown. I was running north on Lake Shore Drive and the wind was blowing in my face. Common sense would suggest that going south a few blocks to the west would put the wind at your back. Ha, not in Chicago! Running south on Michigan Avenue still put the wind in my face. It's a good thing I took the first three quarters of a mile at an easier pace than normal. I really felt like I was out of gas near the end of my run and had I pushed from the start I would have been out of gas. I really dislike that feeling. I've always been a fan of strong finishes.

Seeing as how I took the entire weekend off from any exercise, I was curious to see how my abs would hold up today. Turns out they held up pretty good! Running south on Michigan Avenue I could really feel my abs start to grab and when I needed that extra burst of speed, simply tightening my abs let me pick up the pace. It's nice to see all the ab work pay off. It also makes it much easier to do when you know it works.

I knocked out 250 crunches and 4 sets of push-ups when I got home tonight.  Tomorrow night, I'll get my upper body workout when I hang with Chuck Norris. Sorry, but hanging with Chuck Norris sounds infinitely cooler than hanging out with the Total Gym. Chuck is on the DVD though, so I have that going for me. Which is nice.

That's it for now. Keep running!


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