Friday 11-06-09 run

Compared to the weather from earlier in the week, you could say I was surprised by how nice today turned out to be. The Breath Thermo was not even considered when I checked out the temperature around 11:30 this morning. November and 58 degrees before noon? Why, yes, thank you! After changing into my running gear, I stepped outside and it felt as good as it looked from my Madison Street 12th floor window. It occurred to me that I probably won't have too many more days like today until spring decides to return. This put me in a thoughtful mood and I decided to put aside any thoughts of timing today's run. Today's run was more about me being outside, doing something I love doing.

The trees near Millennium Park were absolutely gorgeous and the closer I got to Lake Shore Drive, the better things looked. Seeing the trees like that made me long to be back in Wisconsin, running down the rural roads in Door County. My memories of Ft. McCoy came flooding back into my brain and I was struck with the desire to just walk and soak everything in. I resisted the urge to slow down though, and soon I was near Navy Pier. At that point, I figured I might as well put an honest effort in to the run so I picked up the pace a bit. There was a strong wind blowing in but I kept my head up and I powered through it. Perhaps I should just forget about today's lack of focus? If running was supposed to be nostalgic today would have been a smashing success, but from a performance point of view I should have done much better.

One thing for certain - I'm happy racing season is still a good 6 months away. Today's run showed me I still have work to do if I'm going to seriously start racing again. Maybe I'll do an inventory run next week...

That's it for now. Keep running!


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