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Wednesday 11-18-09 run

I decided against running this past Monday for two reasons. One, my knee was still a little tight. Two, it was a vacation day. I figured "what the hell", I should treat it like a day off. Sometimes the best things we can for our bodies is to do nothing. Tuesday, I was right back into the groove - I hung out with Chuck Norris and we did chest, triceps, biceps, lats and of course, abs. Wednesday, I woke up feeling better and I got my run in at noon. Even though the temperature has been pretty consistent, it felt colder. Maybe it's psychological, or perhaps it's the wind blowing off of the cold Lake Michigan water? Regardless, you can feel winter is quickly approaching.

I wasn't sure what to expect on Wednesday after having a full week off from running. I was pleasantly surprised with how good I felt. All the ab work is definitely paying dividends and I just felt lighter. There was a slight drizzle and that always feels good. Plus I must admit it just looks so cool …

Monday 11-09-09 & Wednesday 11-11-09 runs

Having Friday off and not running due to a tweaked knee made me forget all about posting. Anyway, last Monday's run was uneventful. I felt good and I clocked a new personal best of 27:30 on my current 4.1 mile course. The weather was mighty fine from what I can remember.

Wednesday's run was going along just fine until I was cut off on Michigan Avenue. I had to make a pretty drastic cut to avoid knocking over someone and in the process of doing my Walter Payton impression, I must have landed awkwardly on my right knee. I know that's one of the dangers of running at noon on a crowded side walk, but that doesn't help ease the disappointment from having to skip Friday's run.

I did work out with Chuck Norris on Friday and I've been taking it easy all weekend. I've got Monday off too and the way my knee feels now, I should be good to go for Monday's run. I don't get too upset with having to miss an occasional run, after all the body needs time to rest. I&…

Friday 11-06-09 run

Compared to the weather from earlier in the week, you could say I was surprised by how nice today turned out to be. The Breath Thermo was not even considered when I checked out the temperature around 11:30 this morning. November and 58 degrees before noon? Why, yes, thank you! After changing into my running gear, I stepped outside and it felt as good as it looked from my Madison Street 12th floor window. It occurred to me that I probably won't have too many more days like today until spring decides to return. This put me in a thoughtful mood and I decided to put aside any thoughts of timing today's run. Today's run was more about me being outside, doing something I love doing.

The trees near Millennium Park were absolutely gorgeous and the closer I got to Lake Shore Drive, the better things looked. Seeing the trees like that made me long to be back in Wisconsin, running down the rural roads in Door County. My memories of Ft. McCoy came flooding back into my brain and I was…

Wednesday 11-04-09 run

Ah, Chicago and its' crazy bi-polar weather. I believe it was in the mid 50's on Monday and today it was in the upper 40's. I figured today was as good a day as any other to break out the Breath Thermo gear. That turned out to be a good call. Now I hear that Friday will be warmer again, but I'll worry about that on Friday. I was rocking the Breath Thermo base layer, an outer layer and running gloves. As I figured, the first mile was a bit chilly, but as I started sweating, the Breath Thermo did it's job. My downfall in the winter has always been my reluctance to wear a hat while running. I'll worry about crossing that ice encrusted road when I get to it. Now I'm thinking..and this is just a guess at this point...I'm thinking that I'll be able to comfortably run with just a base layer and outer layer until the temperature drops into the mid 20's. Of course I might be completely wrong. One thing for certain? I'll be finding out for sure in a f…

Monday 11-02-09 run

I went to work today even though I was not feeling the greatest. I didn't eat a whole lot over the weekend, which I'm certain kept me from feeling 100%. Getting to work and weighing myself was a bit disappointing - I wasn't expecting to be down to 146 lbs. A bowl of cheerios, a granola bar and a banana had me feeling stronger by 11:00, so I decided I'd go for my noon run. It was nice to see my co-worker, Sylvia, ready for another run too. She did a nice job keeping up until we parted ways. That's one of the nice things about running - the more you do it, the easier it gets. The weather once again was a bit warmer than I anticipated. I ended up being entirely too warm. Now that I have the cold weather gear, I want to use it! Looks like I might be waiting another week before I can do that though.

It's funny how I've been in Chicago for so long, yet I still forget how the wind is downtown. I was running north on Lake Shore Drive and the wind was blowing in my…

No run on 10-30-09

Due to "the flu" I did not go to work on Friday and therefore also did not run.

Looking forward to my run on Monday, though.