Wednesday 10-28-09 run

As Gunnery Sergeant Truelove used to say, "It's just another beautiful day in Chicaaaargo". Don't ask...

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Chicago. Excellent running weather and while there were hints of rain, the rain stayed away. One of my co-workers asked about running with me at lunch time. So I gave her the details and she joined me on part of my run. I must admit that it was very odd at first. I'm not accustomed to holding back to stay with someone. I'm also not used to talking to someone when I run. She did a good job though and she probably ran close to a mile.

After I parted ways with the co-worker, I quickly picked up the tempo and settled into my normal pace. It's always good to stretch the legs out. That first 3/4 of a mile on my own was a bit rough, but that's because I was not following my normal routine. Breaking routines is a good thing though. It promotes growth and keeps us from getting burnt out.

When I'm running, I like to play mind games with myself. You could call it a self motivational tool. The last couple of weeks it seems like every runner I've seen has been running towards me - especially on Lake Shore Drive. Really nothing you can do there but the old stand by of nodding your head in the other runners direction...and perhaps grunting. Today was the first time I noticed a runner ahead of me running in the same direction I was headed. Just like that, a perfect chance to play what I like to call "the fox and the hound"! It goes something like this:

The runner in front of you is the fox. You are the hound. Maybe you can see where this is going? Yes, that's right...the hound chases the fox. You simply pick up the pace until you catch the other runner. What happens when you catch the other runner? Why you pick another fox, of course! I find it to be a nice race preparation tool.

Unfortunately for me, my fox turned off of Lake Shore Drive before I could catch him. For today's run, I felt it was more important to stick to my route. Other wise I might have followed him. One disclaimer - this all goes on in your head! There is no barking, tackling, biting (etc.) of the other runner if you catch him or her. In Chicago that would probably get your arrested or maced!

The rest of the run was pretty uneventful with the highlight being me catching a lot of green lights as I ran down Michigan Avenue. When running in Chicago sometimes that's about as good as it's going to get. Tonight when I got home I busted out my crunches - 250 & push ups - 4 sets.

That's it for now. Keep running!


  1. I can't believe I was at the lakefront mere hours after your run. What are the odds? Next time I'm out that way on a weekday, I'll have to hit you up and see if we can't cross paths. But what a day for it, no? Chilly but beautiful.


  2. I'd say the odds are not too good. I was surprised to hear you were downtown. Definitely, next time let me know!


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