Wednesday 10-21-09 run

Wednesday was a fabulous day for a run. The temperature was in the mid 50's to lower 60's when I started. During the week I normally run during my lunch break at work. Here is my normal route. It's just 4 miles: - this route is a good mixture of gradual inclines and declines. Not exactly flat, but not hilly either.

A few weeks ago I went and bought some new cold weather running gear. Mizuno makes wonderful running clothes and I found a sale on some Mizuno Breath Thermo base layers. Thin, lightweight, very snug and oh so comfortable to wear! It's like magic for runners. Breath Thermo actually converts your sweat into heat to keep you warm. It also keeps your sweat from getting the shirt wet. Running in cold weather with wet gear does not make for a good time. Depending on how cold it gets, I should be able to wear the Breath Thermo base layer, a looser out layer and that's about it. Obviously, I was dying to try this stuff out.

I was not paying attention to the temperature when I set out, but it was actually too warm for the Breath Thermo. As soon as I started sweating, I started getting toasty. Good thing I like heat!

Besides being a little to warm, I did finish my run in fine shape with enough in the tank to finish my final 3 blocks in a dead sprint.


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