Friday 10-23-09 run

Friday rolled around and it brought colder, rainy weather with it. Running in the rain does not bother me at all. There is something refreshing about the rain hitting your face as you log a few miles. People at work think I'm a fool for running when the weather turns bad. People on the street look at me like I'm an idiot. Such is the life of a runner. Runners have goals and we're not about to let a little bad weather get in the way of those goals!

I normally weigh myself at work every morning. More because it's part of my routine than any real need to know how much I weigh. I will admit my weight does become very important when I start competing. Friday I weighed in at 149.50 which is where I want to be at this stage of the game.

One thing about running in wet weather - you have to be aware of your surroundings. It's very easy to slip and fall as you navigate your way on the ever changing running surfaces you will encounter. Downtown Chicago sidewalks have steel grates on every block it seems and if you don't pay attention you might find yourself taking a spill. Those grates are slippery when wet!

I wore the Breath Thermo again and this time it was a smart choice. The weather was cold enough to warrant it and even though the wind along Lake Shore Drive was blowing hard, I was still able to make excellent time. One other bonus to running in Downtown Chicago when the weather is bad - nobody else is outside. On a pleasant day, I'm constantly dodging pedestrians. On Friday, that wasn't much of an issue.

Friday's run was my best run of the week. I forgot my watch at work, but it certainly felt like a very quick pace. The one thing of note: I was able to keep up with a CTA bus for the last 2 blocks of my run. That put me in good spirits and eager to hit the streets again on Monday.

When I run while at the office, I don't do any ab work or push ups during the day. I save that for when I get home. I always do my ab work & push ups 5 days a week.  The normal routine consists of 200-300 crunches (in sets of 50+) depending on how I feel  and 3-5 sets of push ups. I always mix them up to keep things fresh. Friday night I did 250 crunches and 4 sets of push ups. Sometimes I alternate sets (crunches/push ups, crunches/pushups) and sometimes I do them together (crunches/crunches, push ups/push ups). The important thing is to keep the muscles confused as much as you can.

That's it for now. Keep running!


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